End of the Semester Stuff

We’ve come to the end. Due Monday, May 13 at 1:00:

Final Blog. Here is the rubric for your blogs: Rubric Blog

12 Blog posts

All writing for the ARG project (including a link to the rabbit hole and your reflection).

Final professionalism assessment. Email this professionalism assessment to me at bellwoar at juniata dot edu. Here are the guidelines:

Write a letter to me assessing your professionalism in the class for the entire semester. Your letter should be professional and follow a professional letter format. Address your performance in each of the following areas:

  • Attendance—class time is not optional—show up (see attendance policy for more details)
  • Be on time for class, appointments and group work
  • Preparation for class (readings and assignments should be done, pdf readings should be printed out, textbook should be with you, assignments should be printed out)
  • Participation in class activities and discussion—your voice and input should be heard
  • Work should be done on time and turned in on time
  • Leadership in class activities should be everyone’s responsibility
  • Leadership in group activities should be everyone’s responsibility
  • Demeanor should reflect support for the class goals and activities
  • Communicating with the instructor and other students in the class should always be respectful especially when you disagree
  • Positive attitudes and behaviors toward the instructor, other class members, and the work are considered essential to learning so basic courtesies are expected, e.g., if you are going to miss a conference, group meeting, appointment call/email to cancel
  • Communication with the instructor, other students in the class and others who are related to or working with your class should not be considered personal or casual—you are representing more than yourself

Indicate any of these areas which you aimed to improve on in your mid-semester assessment and how you improved on them in the second half of the semester.

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ARGs part 2

In class

Watch revised videos from writing to video project

Discuss the reading and the history of ARGs

Start brainstorming the class ARG


If you haven’t already, post all of your writing for the writing to video project

Blog post #11

Read part 3

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ARGs part 1

Watch revised writing to video projects

Discuss final project prompt

Discuss these concepts: Rabbit Hole, TINAG, puppetmasters, interactions using real communication methods, interactions using real time events


The Beast


I Love Bees

Flynn Lives

Why So Serious?

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Writing to Video Projects

Today in class we’ll watch your rough cuts of the Writing to Video Projects.

We don’t have class on Thursday for Liberal Arts Symposium. Come see Candii read her essay “Working in Retail: When the Customer is Actually Wrong” at 9AM in Founders 420.


Read part 1 of Szulborki, This is Not a Game: A Guide to Alternate Reality Gaming. We will read part 2 & part 3 for Thursday, so you might want to read ahead.

All the writing and final video is due for your writing to video project. Post your video, original sensory narrative, shotlist/storyboard, 600 word rationale, and 2 paragraph reflection.

Blog post #10

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Sensory narrative workshop

Sensory narrative




Bring draft of storyboard/shotlist

Blog post #9

Storyboards 3D, Comics lite

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Finishing up literacy, Bordwell reading

Today in class we will finish up the literacy project. Your writing is due for this project on Tuesday, April 2. Here is the Rubric for the project (also found on dropbox).

We will also start discussing your next assignment as well as Bordwell and the shots in Film Art.

Homework: Writing for the literacy project

Blog post # 8

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Literacy videos part 2

Today we will watch your 2nd literacy video (or troubleshoot if necessary)

Homework: Read Bordwell on your iPad in preparation for Writing to Video projects. Take notes on the different shots that Bordwell discusses and what their possible meanings are.

All writing for literacy videos will be due on Tues 4/2

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